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David Sloane Interviewed on Fox 4 DFW About Legalizing Marijuana

Attorney David Sloane recently appeared on Fox 4 DFW where he discussed the legalization of marijuana in Texas. He appeared on the show on behalf of the DFW National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Attorney Sloane, a former police lieutenant, was asked about what happened in Colorado and if it has changed Texans' attitude towards legalizing marijuana. Sloane pointed out how when you look at the poll data in Texas in January when Colorado went full legalization, roughly 40 to 42% of Texas didn't want to see any changes in public policy, but now that number has drifted down to 23%.

The University of Texas Tribune Poll revealed that just 1/4 of Texas registered voters still favor keeping marijuana illegal in all cases. The poll revealed the following numbers:

  • Illegal in all cases – 23%
  • Favor medical use only – 28%
  • Legal for all purposes – 49%

Sloane told the interviewer on Fox 4 DFW News that Texans are looking to Colorado and wondering why we aren't doing it here. Colorado is anticipating a revenue of $100 million a year by legalizing marijuana.

According to Sloane, we're getting noise out of Austin already. He said that we're going to see some changes and he thinks that such changes will be seen in the 2015 legislature.

Attorney David Sloane, founder of the Law Offices of David Sloane is on the DFW NORML's 2014 Board of Directors and he is serving as the public information officer. DFW NORML is an educational organization that is dedicated to the legalization of marijuana in Texas. The organization supports the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, responsible adult use, and for the production of industrial hemp. DFW NORMAL is registered as a Texas non-profit organization. To watch the full interview with David Sloane on Fox 4 DFW News, click here.

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