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Experienced Defense Against Drug Possession Charges in Texas

While drug possession is not the most serious of narcotics charges in Texas, it is still considered a serious crime and can carry significant penalties. What constitutes an illegal drug is decided by the state statutes, and their definitions are various and categorized by their legality.

For instance, cocaine and heroin are considered a "Class 1" controlled substances because these drugs are outlawed. Ritalin and valium, however, can be safely prescribed by a doctor, but be illegally obtained. They are considered a "Class 3" controlled substance.

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Understanding Drug Possession Penalties in Texas

The severity of a drug possession charges, and penalties associated with them, are dependent on a few factors. Most are noted by the arresting officer when the illegal substances are found.

Important factors in a drug possession charge include:

  • The kind of substance found
  • The quantity of that substance
  • If/how the drug was concealed
  • Prior criminal record

Additionally, each class of drug carries its own hierarchy of penalties. Class 1 possession cases carry the harshest of these sentences. Everything from fines to prison time can result from a drug possession case. To help you understand and prepare for the type of possession you or a loved one might be facing, it's advised you seek the counsel of an experienced Fort Worth drug crimes lawyer—and the ones at the Law Offices of David Sloane are ready to take your call today.

Drug Paraphernalia Possession Charges in Texas

The crime of possession of drug paraphernalia is a charge that is often included in drug possession charges. When officers or investigators make a drug possession arrest, they can also make note of items used in the consumption of that drug. This can include pipes and syringes-- and even common items like spoons and bowls if they appear to be used in the consumption or storage of narcotics.

Possession of drug paraphernalia is considered a misdemeanor and can result in a $500 fine. While this is a minor charge, it can further complicate a drug possession case against the accused.

Is Possession of Adderall a Felony in Texas?

In Texas, adderall is in the Schedule II controlled substance, which is in the same category as ecstasy and LSD. Now, the possession of adderall is considered a misdemeanor in Texas. Before 2015, possession of any amount of Adderall, even one pill, without a prescription, was considered a felony offense. If you were recently charged with drug crime related to Adderall or were previously convicted of a felony, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel.

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Local Fort Worth Resources for Drug Possession Charges

Facing drug possession charges in Fort Worth can be a daunting experience, but knowing the local resources and government entities available can make a significant difference in your defense strategy. The Tarrant County District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases, including drug possession, in Fort Worth. Understanding their procedures and policies can be crucial for your defense.

Additionally, the Fort Worth Police Department plays a key role in drug possession arrests. They are often the first point of contact in these cases, and their reports and evidence collection methods can significantly impact the outcome of your case. It's essential to have a defense team that understands how to scrutinize these reports and challenge any inconsistencies.

One of the common pain points for Fort Worth residents facing drug possession charges is the potential for severe penalties, including hefty fines and prison time. The local community is also aware of the impact that a criminal record can have on future employment opportunities and personal relationships. Our team at the Law Offices of David Sloane is well-versed in these local concerns and is dedicated to providing a robust defense to mitigate these consequences.

By leveraging our deep understanding of Fort Worth's legal landscape and local resources, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive defense strategy that addresses all aspects of your drug possession charge. Contact the Law Offices of David Sloane today to discuss how we can help you navigate this challenging time.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How does Texas categorize illegal drugs for possession charges?

Texas categorizes illegal drugs into different classes for possession charges. For example, cocaine and heroin are classified as 'Class 1' controlled substances due to their high potential for abuse and lack of accepted medical use. Other substances, like Ritalin and Valium, are 'Class 3' controlled substances, which may have medical uses but can still lead to charges if obtained illegally. The classification impacts the severity of the penalties for possession.

What are the legal consequences of drug possession in Fort Worth, Texas?

In Fort Worth, Texas, the legal consequences of drug possession can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the type of controlled substance, the amount in possession, and the individual's prior criminal history. Penalties can range from fines to significant prison time, especially for Class 1 controlled substances like cocaine and heroin. It's crucial to consult with a knowledgeable Fort Worth criminal defense attorney to understand the specific penalties you may be facing.

Can possession of drug paraphernalia in Texas lead to additional charges?

Yes, possession of drug paraphernalia in Texas can lead to additional charges on top of drug possession charges. Paraphernalia includes items used in the consumption or storage of narcotics, such as pipes, syringes, and sometimes common household items. Possession of drug paraphernalia is typically a misdemeanor in Texas, punishable by a fine of up to $500, and can complicate a drug possession case.

  • Falsification of Drug Test Results Reduced to Class C Non-Reporting Probation
  • Keeping a Gambling Place & Intentionally & Knowingly Operate a Game Room Charges Dismissed
  • Possession of Marijuana <2oz Unlawful Stop - Charge Dismissed
  • Possession of Marijuana <2oz Case Dismissed, Motion to Suppress Granted
  • Possession of Marijuana 5lbs to 50lbs Case Dismissed - Motion to Suppress Granted

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