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If you have been accused of a criminal offense such as a drug crime or a white collar crime and your assets are at stake in a forfeiture or restitution proceeding, be sure to talk to the experienced Fort Worth criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of David Sloane immediately.

Attorney Sloane has experience protecting his clients' property in the midst of criminal law cases and related civil litigation. These scenarios often invoke a heightened sense of fear and concern as the defendant not only has to be concerned about the criminal case at hand but also the future of their hard-earned assets.

In these types of cases, not just any attorney will be able to protect you adequately. It is important to choose a lawyer who understands the complicated asset forfeiture laws and regulations that impact your situation. Attorney David Sloane is prepared to conduct the thorough financial investigation necessary to properly handle your case. He understands how to adequately protect your freedom and your assets by defending you in the criminal case at hand as well as throughout the asset forfeiture process.

Federal Asset Forfeiture

If you were accused of a federal crime, the government may seize your property in certain circumstances. This usually occurs in conjunction with high-profile cases involving assets worth substantial amounts of money. You could face federal asset seizure if any of the following situations has occurred, among others:

  • The asset or assets were purchased with illegal earnings
  • You are being accused of illegally avoiding taxes
  • Your business is under investigation for violating the Patriot Act
  • The asset or assets were used in the perpetration of a crime

Attorney David Sloane has experience representing people charged with serious federal crimes. He understands the fears and concerns you are currently facing and he is prepared to provide the strong defense you need. If your personal or commercial assets are in jeopardy, Mr. Sloane can give you the crucial advice and proactive advocacy necessary to ensure that your rights are safeguarded throughout the duration of the case.

Strong Defense for Your Future & Your Assets in Tarrant County

Whatever situation you may face, it is important to retain a strong and committed defense attorney who can give you the experienced and dedicated support you need to move on from a difficult situation and to enjoy a renewed freedom and a restored reputation.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Law Offices of David Sloane in order to schedule your complimentary, confidential case evaluation with Attorney Sloane at no charge! This one-hour meeting will give you the opportunity to meet Mr. Sloane in person, receive free legal advice about your case, and learn how the Tarrant County criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you.

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