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Being accused of a crime is a stressful experience when you are without legal counsel. You may feel that you're at the mercy of law enforcement and other criminal justice personnel. Without professional legal backup, you stand alone, often confused, intimidated, and anxious. In Denton County, Texas you can turn to a criminal defense attorney who often represents law enforcement association members and their families because he is so trusted and competent in criminal defense. That man is David Sloane of the Law Offices of David Sloane, a former police lieutenant with more than 20 years of experience in this area of law.

Mr. Sloane defends those who have been arrested or are being investigated by law enforcement agencies for both state and federal crimes. Because of his law enforcement background, he has an in-depth knowledge of criminal case investigation and crime scene analysis. This is an asset to all of his clients, regardless of the type of criminal charges on the line. Whether you've been accused of a drug crime, drunk or drug-impaired driving, theft offense, sex crime, probation violation or some other offense, you can count on the professionalism of Mr. Sloane. He can also help with such criminal matters as record sealing and protecting your hard-earned property from asset forfeiture in federal court hearings.

Mr. Sloane's dedication to protecting the best interests of his clients has resulted in a strong reputation for excellence and a track record to match. He is thoroughly familiar with all the laws and other legal factors that can affect your case and your future. No matter what type of criminal case you are involved in, your freedom, reputation, career or job, and more may be at stake. Protecting yourself with skilled legal representation is vital. Ensure that your legal representation is competent and committed -- contact the firm to arrange for a free consultation with Mr. Sloane today.

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  • “He is very kind and cares about you as a person, and he is VERY knowledgeable in his field.”

  • “David was very diligent about my case, and the prosecution did NOT want to argue with him.”

  • “He moves mountains and he is straight forward with everything”

  • “David Sloane is the most professional, friendly, informed lawyer I have ever had the privilege of hiring as my legal council!”

    Erich McKinney, TX
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  • “David Sloane is hands down the most professional, trustworthy, and hard working attorney I've ever known.”

  • “He's always been very efficient at what he does and I feel safest working with him. His work ethic is outstanding”

    Daniel Fort Worth, TX
  • “By far the best lawyer in the state of Texas.”

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    Pasquale orth Richland Hills, TX