Texas Cop Smokes Confiscated Weed on Camera

Texas Cop Vapes Confiscated Weed on Cruiser Camera A new cannabis-focused documentary about the story of Chad Harden, a Texas DPS officer who was busted for vaporizing confiscated cannabis in his police cruiser, while on duty in Iowa Park, Texas. Criminal defense attorney David Sloane asks why this officer received such a good deal from the Texas legal system, instead of being made an example of?

FEATURING: - David Sloane, criminal defense attorney - Chad Harden, former DPS trooper - and "John Doe"

FILM CREW: Shaun McAlister, iamshaun.com - Director, Editor, and Videographer Eric Espinoza, film4eyes.com - Videographer, Boom Operator, and Audio Engineer

NEWS FOOTAGE: TexomasHomepage.com - KFDX, KJTL PHOTOS: Texas and 287 Maps - Wikipedia.org DPS Building - Google Maps DPS Recruits - dps.texas.gov Judge - Pexels.com: Sora Shimazaki MUSIC: Country Rock Trailer - AudioJungle.net: CoGunAudio

TITLE: Texas Cop Vapes Confiscated Weed on Cruiser Camera