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At Law Offices of David Sloane, we know what it’s like to face criminal charges. With nearly 25 years spent in the criminal justice system, David Sloane has handled thousands of cases and understands how to give clients the best chance at a favorable outcome. With a background as a police lieutenant, he has written procedures for law enforcement, and he knows what they can and cannot legally do during an arrest. We can help you protect your future. Put an experienced Hale County marijuana crimes lawyer on your side today.

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Handling a Variety of Charges

Whether you were charged with theft or a federal drug trafficking offense, our firm is by your side. We don’t judge the circumstances that brought you to this point—only what will get you through it. During your free consultation, we will discuss what happened and give you a clear picture of the situation you face. With an understanding of what to expect and how to proceed, you will feel more confident and hopeful about the events ahead.

Our firm handles criminal charges such as:

For those who finished their sentence, we also help with sealing records to ensure that you no longer have to deal with prying eyes being able to see any of the criminal past you’ve put behind you. Law Offices of David Sloane believes you are not a criminal just because someone says you are. Let us fight for your rights.

Why Choose Us?

Selecting a representative can be a difficult choice. You want to work with a criminal defense attorney who understands both sides of a case and can work with the local personnel to give you the best chance at a favorable outcome. Attorney David Sloane is a member of NORML—an organization that fights for fair treatment of drug convictions—and he understands the challenges drug crime defendants face. His outstanding work has earned him ranking among The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Attorneys since 2014. We are confident in our ability to represent you.

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    Daniel Fort Worth, TX
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